Membership Information

Membership Rates

$40.00 Per Individual, Billed Annually

Members Enjoy the Following Perks:

-Discounted workshop rates
-Discounted class rates ($7/class)
-Discounted drop-in fee for special outings (varies per event)
-Prioritized for private lessons
-Eligibility to run for officer or board position
-Can save over $200/year!

Non-Member Rates

Non-Member Rates are as Follows:

-Standard workshop rates
-Standard class rates ($10/class)
-Standard drop-in fee for special outings  (varies per event)
-Not prioritized for private lessons
-T-shirt sold separately
-No eligibility to run for officer or board position

Liability Waiver and Release

By registering for a Membership or any Classes/Events, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

The participant/member/student understands and agrees to the Code of Conduct, and that there is physical contact between partners in/when dancing, and such contact may accidentally cause injury despite best intentions and taking care to respect and observe the limitations of others. The participant/member/student agrees that Omaha West Coast Swing and its officers, agents and representatives shall not be responsible for, and are hereby released from any liability, claim. loss, expense or personal injury incurred by a participant/member/student at any event or any activity connected with, held, conducted or sponsored by Omaha West Coast Swing, to include any contact, potential contact or infection with the SARS-COVID2/COVID19 virus through objects or other persons. Participant/member/student understands and agrees that participation is at-will and at their own individual risk, and they assume all responsibility for their own health and safety.

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