Frequently Asked Questions

What is West Coast Swing? Isn't all swing dancing the same?

West Coast Swing is a lead-follow partner dance, generally danced in a slot.  There are multiple patterns that can be followed throughout a dance, but the awesome thing about West Coast Swing is the lack of rigidity and rules that you would typically find when learning many ballroom-style dances.  You are free to explore your own unique style and musicality to your favorite music (pop, country, 80's, 90's, hip hop, etc.- check out our Spotify HERE!).  West Coast Swing is gaining popularity across the nation due to its fun and relaxed nature! 

When are classes and workshops?  How much do they cost?

We hold weekly classes on Thursday nights at 8:00pm at Cherrie Anderson's School of Music and Dance (14633 Grover Street - East Entrance).  We also facilitate workshops with pro-level dancers on an every-other-month basis, typically on Fridays-Saturdays.

Weekly classes are $7 per class for Members, and $10 per class for Non-Members.  Workshops and other special event pricing will vary per event, and those rates will be posted.  Members will receive discounted rates for these events as well.

Check out the Events, Classes and Workshops page to register for classes and workshops!

What do I wear?

Normal street clothes and street shoes are great for dancing WCS (just please make sure your shoes are clean!).  No heels, please.  We have OWCS tshirts that are PERFECT for classes and other social dancing events, snag yours HERE!

Where can I go to dance West Coast Swing in Omaha?

We're often asked something like, "Is there any [WCS} dancing in Omaha?"

YES! There are a few -or, several, depending on if you're a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full type- places that offer a dance floor and music conducive to West Coast Swing dancing in Omaha. 

Here's where we like to dance:

Retro Rewind 
Stocks N Bonds
Throwback Arcade Lounge
Bogie's West
Bushwackers Saloon and Dance Hall

Also, Target stores, Home Depots, H&Ms, Village Pointe, the At Home Store, Henry Doorly Zoo, seasonal outdoor music venues and just about any place that plays the music we dance to -which, if you know West Coast Swing, is just about any and every kind of music!

Which organizations does OWCS belong to?

We are a proud member of the National FastDance Association (to cover music copyright), and the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands.

What are your terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other notices or disclaimers?

Please see below to view our Waiver of Claims, Whistleblower policy, and Bylaws; also see the bottom of the website to view the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

Notices, Disclaimers. etc.

Liability Waiver and Release

The participant/member/student understands and agrees to the Code of Conduct, and that there is physical contact between partners in/when dancing, and such contact may accidentally cause injury despite best intentions and taking care to respect and observe the limitations of others. The participant/member/student agrees that Omaha West Coast Swing and its officers, agents and representatives shall not be responsible for, and are hereby released from any liability, claim. loss, expense or personal injury incurred by a participant/member/student at any event or any activity connected with, held, conducted or sponsored by Omaha West Coast Swing, to include any contact, potential contact or infection with the SARS-COVID2/COVID19 virus through objects or other persons. Participant/member/student understands and agrees that participation is at-will and at their own individual risk, and they assume all responsibility for their own health and safety.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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