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Calendar for January 2022
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3 PM
Jesse Lopez

Bogie's West

14434 U Street

3PM Session #1

4PM Session #2

5PM Session #3

6PM FREE Newcomer Lesson

7PM - 10:30PM DANCING!

Workshops With Jesse Lopez and Ariel Peck

Jesse Lopez

Jesse Lopez, Lead Architect of the Body Language Curriculum and founder of Evolve Your Dance, has been a Professional Dance Instructor for 12 years. Jesse pursues his passion for the West Coast Swing Language around the world, traveling as an Instructor, Judge and Competitor from Coast to Coast and as far as Singapore, France and Australia. His most recent accomplishments include winning the 2017 North American Swing 16 Grand Championships and placing 2nd in the Showcase Division at the 2018 Open with the esteemed Patty Vo. Jesse loves to teach the joy and connection of dance to those seeking community, engagement and fun. Having pursued training in the American Ballroom and Social Club dances, International Ballroom, Argentinian Tangos, Country Dances, and his favorite, West Coast Swing, Jesse can help anyone learn to dance.

Ariel Peck

Ariel Peck is a professional dance instructor who started dancing when she was 10 years old. Ariel trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and tumbling. She joined a professional dance company and was principal dancer and choreographer in Infusion Dance Company, and later helped found Infusion School of the Arts where she taught ballet, jazz, hip hop and tumbling. In 2014 she took her first West Coast Swing class which shifted her career path as she fell in love with a new dance journey. Since then she has traveled and competed professionally across the nation and internationally and quickly progressed through the ranks. Her most recent accomplishments include winning multiple national Rising Star divisions as well as placing Top 5 in the U.S. Open Rising Star division in 2016. She also was the champion of the Global Online Open Championships in 2017. Ariel now loves to travel teaching WCS and Hip Hop workshops and has a passion for teaching people to unlock new skills and building their confidence. With her combined dance experience in solo and social dance, she can’t wait to help people discover their love for dance and what joy it can bring to their lives.

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