Omaha West Coast Swing (OWCS)

Welcome to Omaha West Coast Swing!

We are Omaha's one-and-only exclusively West Coast Swing dance club for aspiring beginner and experienced dancers alike.  You are part of our effort to grow our local community of friends and fellow dancers who want to enjoy learning how to dance this style that's becoming more and more popular across the world. Check out pro-level West Coast Swing below!

We started this club to connect people - like you and us - with our passion for a fun dance style that gives us the ability to partner-dance to a range of music genres, from pop and R&B, to blues and country, and to just about all our favorite songs! 
Check out our Spotify HERE!)

Join us on the dance floor for your first class, and be dancing to your favorite songs in just a lesson or two!  Come single or with a partner, we'll always have someone here to dance with you.  West Coast Swing is the dance style you've been waiting for - and here it is! 

We hope to see you soon, and we'll save a dance for you!

- Omaha West Coast Swing

Check Out These Pro-Level WCS Dancers!

Can you believe this is improvised!?

Mission Statement

To promote and provide dance education and practice opportunities for all experience levels in West Coast Swing as a social dance skill in an effort to expand the Omaha West Coast Swing Dance Community

Vision Statement

To be the premiere West Coast Swing social dance organization in Omaha and surrounding areas that supports an inclusive, educational and fun environment both in the classroom and at social dance events by increasing participation, appreciation and visibility of West Coast Swing in the community.

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